Thursday, February 23, 2012

Daddy's Little

So we were shopping at Gymboree last week, and I let my son pick out an outfit.  My almost four year old heads right over to the basketball outfit, and decides he wants the whole ensemble: shorts, shirt, socks, and hat.  Since I told him he could pick out an outfit, I had to honor that.  So as I gathered all the pieces I notice the hat says,"Daddy's little ....".  Immediately I think, we can't buy that, he doesn't have a dad. So I tell him we aren't getting the hat.  He was very upset, he really wanted it.  At that moment I stopped and thought about it.  Why? Why couldn't he have that hat? Is it really a big deal for him to wear a hat that mentions daddy, even if he doesn't have one?  In the end I bought him the hat, and he was so excited he wore it for days.

I realized something that day.  Even though my son not having a daddy is a part of our daily life, I am still sensitive to it.  Every once and I while I feel its impact.  Whether its shopping, planning for the daddy night at school, or just every day life, there is a void.  I trust God to fill it, until He selects the right guy to be his new daddy.

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