Monday, February 20, 2012

Most Important

We get so frustrated with our little ones at times, don't we? Today it was in the middle of my prayer time.  I'm trying to spend quality time with the Lord, which can be so hard to do with a 4 year old,  and my son has an "emergency".  He needs to build a dog house for his toy puppy, and in the process is getting into things I'd prefer he left alone.  So I interrupt my important time with God, to deal with his disobedience.  As I am putting the items away I say to God, "Do you see why its so hard for me to spend this time with you?"  I was frustrated.

Fast forward 10 minutes, I'm sitting on the floor singing and worshipping God, my hands are raised and my eyes are closed.  My son crawls onto my lap, lifts his hands and starts singing along as best as he can. It was precious.  At that moment I realized THIS is what its all about.  Yes my time with God is important.  But more important is teaching my son how to pray, how to love God, how to worship.  That is what was happening at that moment.  I was leaving a legacy to my son.  That is the important thing!

So often as moms, especially single moms, we are so caught up with the day to day tasks, and to do lists, that we often brush over moments like this.  We are set on our agenda, and we don't bend enough to give our children what really matters to them.  My pastor, Richard Crisco, says it like this, "Don't let the urgent rob us of the important."  Today I learned that valuable lesson.  My son was joining me in spending time with the most important person in our lives, Jesus.  Instead of getting him busy and preoccupied so that I wouldn't be interrupted, I let him join.  In fact when he requested to dance, I finished my "talk" with God, and put on an up beat praise song.  We jumped, raised our hands, danced and told God how much we loved Him.  There is nothing that is more important for me to do than to teach my son how to have a relationship with God, and to worship Him freely.  I will not sacrifice the important things, for the urgent.

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