Monday, October 17, 2011

God's Got My Back!

But you will not leave in haste or go in flight; 

for the LORD will go before you, the God of Israel will be your rear guard.    
- Isaiah 52:12

I've just encountered another one of those situations... one where God once again He came to my rescue.  One of the characteristics of God is that He is omniscient- He is all knowing.  I am so grateful for that.  Because when I am short sighted, he sees 20/20. Imagine trying to navigate through the woods from ground level- what we see, hear and know to be truth are so limited.  But God sees it all.  Its as if he's flying up above in a helicopter seeing everything- what we see and what we don't.  And because He loves us so much, He will radio down from his helicopter from time to time giving us direction to avoid pits and obstacles up ahead that we can't see.   Today I am grateful that the Heavenly dispatcher saved me from another disaster.  God had my back!

In the past year He has done this several times.  I wrote yesterday, in the post "Closure", about the stand I needed to take with my husband last fall.  It was totally led by God.  God knew information I didn't, and by being sensitive to His voice, I heard and obeyed.  Now God didn't tell me exactly what was going on.  He only gave me direction: "Its time to take a stand."  And I obeyed.  I knew that God had my back and even though it didn't make perfect sense to my limited mind to make a stand at that time, if God was leading me, He must know something I didn't.  Its an act of faith to obey His leading, without having all the information, just trusting. It wasn't until after my husband passed away that God revealed to me the whole picture.  By being obedient He protected my health, my security, and my emotional well being.

Then there was the time God saved me through dreams.  I had a dream that someone came into my home and was seriously hurting me. I questioned if it was a warning because I knew that God had my back. I asked God to make it very clear to me if it was a warning, because I couldn't fathom this being a reality.  Within a week He gave the dream to two other people: a very close friend, and a casual acquaintance at work.  He opened the doors for these people to share the dreams with me.  One friend said in her dream I wasn't getting out of the house alive.  While I didn't have all the information, I knew enough to recognize the exact situation in which this dream could become a reality.  Again I responded to God's leading, better safe than sorry, especially when it comes to my life.  I avoided my home on the nights where the situation matched the one in the dreams.  Within two days this threat was illuminated and I was able to return home. I didn't realize in the moment the reality of this threat, but afterwords it was clear. It was very probable to have happened.  I know that God spared my life by warning me.  And once again I am in awe that I not only recognized his leading but I also was obedient! I could have died, but God had my back! 

And then the situation I just faced this week.  I have learned that if something isn't as it seems that God is going to reveal it to me.  I've learned to listen to those warnings, and the still small voice.  Through a series of "coincidences" (God-incidences) I became aware of a pit I was about to walk into.  This pit would have caused me and some others much harm.  And even though I am frustrated, discouraged and even a bit angry, I have walked in so much joy today.  Why?  Because God had my back!  It pays to know Him.  It pays to know His voice.  It pays to obey Him!

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