Monday, April 9, 2012

Closed In

Have you heard of the study about children and boundaries?  A group of children are placed in an open back yard.  No instructions are given to the children.  Then they are observed.  The children play huddled together in the center of the yard.  Next a group of children are placed in a fenced in yard.  Again no instructions are given, and they children are once again observed.  This time the children run, explore and play through out the entire yard.  The researchers explain that children feel safe and secure when they are given boundaries.  When they are in a closed in space they feel more comfortable than in a wide open expanse.

I keep thinking about this study as I have transitioned to my new home.  It is so much smaller than the house I was just in.  And I feel a sense of comfort and security that I haven't felt before.  I know its the size of my home. I am closed in. I am surrounded. I am protected.  There is a coziness about my new home, and I can't help but smile thinking God knew I needed to feel this level of security in my life right now.

Life has been so uncertain since

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