Friday, September 30, 2011

Scaling Walls

This week has been a challenging one! I faced an impossible situation with absolutely no way to fix it.  There was absolutely nothing I could do.  So I got on my knees and I prayed.  I wrote about it in depth yesterday, in the post "Standing at the Crossroads."  To quote my post, and my prayers:  "God I can't do a thing to make this situation come together- but YOU can.  I trust you and tonight I need to hear your voice.  I know that you directed me down this path- which means you will either bring provision or wisdom."  

 I hit a wall.  A tall, unsurmountable, unsurpassable wall.  I needed a miracle to get me to the other side or some immediate direction from God guiding me in how to get over, under or around.  I prayed, I kneeled, I worshipped, I cried.  When I finished, I had no more answers than when I started.   No answers... but I heard a still small voice... God reminded me in prayer last night that He is faithful.  Then today, He showed me!

 Today started the same as every other, and while sitting in a business training meeting, I got the text!  The provision came, God showed up!  Yes, once again, My God is faithful!!! I almost feel like a fool for worrying or letting it get me to a place of concern.  But in all honesty, I believe that was part of the lesson.  I prayed for provision or wisdom- but God answered and brought both.  He brought me the answer I needed, and direction to keep me from being in this same position again.  And I should never be ashamed for allowing a situation to bring me to my knees.  There is something powerful about coming to the end of ourselves.

By facing the unscalable wall I not only got to see God's hand move, but I realized my shortfalls, and have made adjustments to overcome them. I realized that the equipment I carry, and my level of skill is sufficient for fences- not walls!  Scaling a fence takes a small amount of knowledge and experience.  It is a small obstacle, with a small prize.  What lies on the other side of the fence is rewarding but limited: a backyard, a pool, a park, etc.  But a wall is much more difficult, with much more reward!  In ancient days walls were built around an entire city!  Everything you needed for a sustained and enjoyable life lay within the city walls.  And once within those city walls you had complete provision and security.  Scale a fence- experience a backyard.  Scale a wall- experience a city!  Why should I settle for a limited victory, a limited experience?  God has more in store for me than what lies behind a fence, he wants me to scale walls!


  1. You pursued hard with great faith He gave you. Yes, the backyard is comfortable, but beyond the city wall is truly where I believe He wants us all. Again, thank you for sharing the rawness of the reality of where your walk takes you. It's beautiful to and encouraging..


  2. Jules, Thank you for your encouragement. Its hard sometimes to be so real with the world out there! I'm just walking this out day by day, and seeing God move. City walls here we come!