Sunday, November 6, 2011

Today is Monumental

[This was supposed to post on Saturday, but since I was running, I didn't notice it didn't auto post.  Sorry its a day late.]  Keeping it short today because as you are reading this I am out on the streets of Indianapolis running the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon!!!! It's amazing to think that I have worked hard and disciplined myself to get to this point... running 13.1 miles. I never thought I could do it. I never imagined I would want to. But I am, and I'm thrilled to be doing this.

This weekend is a huge step for me. Running a half marathon is monumental! Not only am I accomplishing a very uncommon, and difficult yet extremely rewarding task, but I have traveled here alone to do it. That fact surprises me almost as much as my love for running. It shows that I have become comfortable, and confident on my own. It takes a while to adjust from the safety of having a husband there to protect you, and keep you safe. Its almost subconscious, but just knowing he's there gives you a sense of security. Then when he's gone you feel it. Its taken some time to get used. I've been building my own security. I'm adjusting to life on my own and enjoying it too!

Here I am almost a year later discovering my love for running and enjoying a weekend alone at a destination race. I'm definitely redefining myself. Yes, I'm on the path of healing.


  1. Indi isn't all that far from Dayton! We should think about that! Congratualtions on the Half marathon--it IS monumental! Good for you!

  2. Ferree, It was a great event, as you'll read in the next post... I actually traveled to the race, not anywhere close to where I live. But an amazing race, great town and worth the drive!