Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Being Thought Of

There is something powerful about knowing people are thinking of you. It makes hard days easier, and good days better.  And this year, it made Christmas wonderful.

I woke up Christmas morning to several Merry Christmas texts on my phone. And they just kept coming all day!  I can't describe in words what those simple text messages did to me.  But I can say that they gave me strength.  They comforted my heart.  They let me know that even though I felt alone, I knew I wasn't!

My son and I had a wonderful Christmas.  It started with our normal Christmas Eve-eve sleepover with my step daughter.  She then spent most of Christmas Eve day with us.  We missed this time with her last year, and to me that was the best gift of all.  We had a very nice visit with my in-laws that afternoon as well.  On Christmas day we joined another single mom and her house for the afternoon, where the kids were able to play, and us moms were able to chat.  And for the evening, we went to my step daughter's house.  Her family welcomed us in, and made sure we knew that even though its a weird situation we are all connected, we are a family.

I was nervous to face Christmas day with out my late husband.  I was worried I would be all alone.  I was sure everyone would forget about me and the struggle I was facing that day.   But I was wrong!  Christmas was wonderful! It was a time of reconciliation, memories, and support.  Even though my family was far away, I still felt their love. And most importantly I spent it with my kids.  And that is what Christmas is about!

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