Thursday, January 5, 2012

Trust Again

I'm finding myself in the situation where I am needing to trust someone I have just met.  And today it has been so strong in my heart: I can still trust!  And I am shocked.  After all the deceit, the lies, and the issues, you would think I would have a hard heart.  It would be completely normal for me to put up a wall, be extremely guarded and even be suspicious.  But I'm not.  And that is nothing short of a miracle!

I still believe in the goodness of people.  I still believe that people are honest, and take what they say at face value.  I still am able to open myself up to another person, and let them see my heart.  Why? Why have I not been scarred from a life of being taken advantage of, manipulated and deceived? Its because of my relationship with God!

God is trustworthy.  He has always been faithful to me, even in the messes, God has been there.  God believes the best of me even when I make mistakes.  God is love.  God never closes himself off even when so many have rejected Him.  He continually puts Himself out there.  And He always gives unselfishly.  I can trust God.

Because God's spirit lives in me, I have the same ability and potential to trust as He does.  It doesn't mean I walk into situations naive.  But rather, I listen to God's Spirit within me, and act wisely.  Its just common sense to be cautious.  But cautious and guarded are to very different things.  I am so grateful not only to have this opportunity to trust others, but that I can confidently say I still trust people!

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