Tuesday, January 3, 2012


There is a song that carried me through some of the hardest times I have faced.  It reminded me who I am, what I am worth, and that even though life is hard now, it is not what God has destined me for.  I would like to share it with you, before you read today's blog.

Its amazing how a song can move you, touch you, bring you strength or healing.  This song did all of that for me.  I was hurting, I was broken.  I believed the lies that all my dreams would never come true, and I had resigned myself to a life full of sorrow and heart break.  But God had something so much greater for me.  And He needed me to believe it and see it, even if only in my mind, before it could ever happen.  

One morning I remember getting in the car and saying, God I can't do this anymore.  I am so confused.  I need to hear from you a confirmation that the steps I am taking are the ones you want me to take.  I started my car and this song played.  It wasn't one I had heard many times before, maybe just once.  And to be honest in the season I needed it, it was seldom on the radio.  But each time I heard, it was at the exact moment I was questioning or doubting.  In the times when I was wondering if my life was ever gonna turn around, there God was singing to me through the radio saying:

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You are made for so much more than all of this.
You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You are sacred, you are treasured, you are His.

I  needed a reminder that even though life was challenging, hard and painful, that God had a plan.  He saw me as precious, even when my husband didn't.  He knew my worth, when I was so beat up by life, that I couldn't see it.  

I don't know you, or your situation. Maybe like me you are a widow.  Maybe you are facing a divorce like I was.  Maybe you sit in bed crying at night just wanting your husband to love you, want you, or even talk to you.  Perhaps your the woman who carries the family secret of your husbands addictions, affairs, or suicidal threats.  I may not know you, but I know our God! And I know that you are made for SO MUCH MORE than all of that.  I know that He loves you more than anything.  I know that, like He did for me, He will give you strength.  He will help you to rediscover your worth.  He will show you that your situation does not define you!  He will help you to truly believe with all your heart that you are beautiful!


  1. love this - thanks for posting!!! I love Mercy Me!

  2. Mom27g, you are so welcome. Even though God used that song in my dark times, I still am refreshed by hearing it again! God sees you beautiful!